FXRealSpinDial Widget  FOX Toolkit

By Bill Baxter

This is a floating point input widget for the FOX toolkit.

Download the source code and an example Win32 exe:

The code was built and tested on WinXP with MSVC 6.0, and FOX 1.1.46.
Should work with most any FOX 1.1.x version,  but not with FOX 1.0.x.

If you have any problems, suggestions, patches  let me know.
Also let me know if you find this useful!

This is like a numeric spinner widget, but it handles floating point values.  The real innovation is the possibility to have not only spin buttons, but also a spin dial which allows you to click and drag to continuously vary the floating point value.  Perfect, especially if you're controlling some program parameter that's tied to a visual output of some sort. 

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Finally, a screenshot!

Screenshot of FXRealSpinDial